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"S" Performance Buffs

14 Ply X 22mm wide, 6 pcs per box
PB15050 150mm X 50mm
PB19040 190mm X 40mm
*Other sizes available

Nonwoven Flap Wheels

Very Fine Grit, 6 pcs per box
Flaps bonded Around Phenolic Core
F1502050 150mm X 20mm X 50mm
F1502250 150mm X 22mm X 50mm
F1502550 150mm X 25mm X 50mm
F1504050 150mm X 40mm X 50mm
F2002576 200mm X 25mm X 76.2mm
*Other sizes and grit available


Alternating Nonwoven/Sandpaper, 6 pcs per box
AC240 150mm X 22mm X 50mm
AC120 150mm X 22mm X 50mm
*Other sizes and grits available