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Coil Brushes

  • Designed for high speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact for thorough cleaning.  Available with various pitches of coils to configure the density of brush to the application.
  • Applications include:
    Auguring, buffing, cleaning, coating, dulling, feeding,     finishing, gluing, harvesting, inking, leveling, lubricating, napping, polishing, peeling, roughening, scrubbing, staining, texturing, washing and waxing.
  • A wide variety of materials are available including natural fibers, synthetic filaments, abrasive filaments and all types of wire materials.


  • We can manufacture complete precision machined core assemblies to match your exact specifications.  These core assemblies are available constructed from steel, aluminum, and stainless steel depending on weight and corrosion resistance requirements.
  • Dynamic balancing is available when rotational speeds exceed recommended RPM's.

Our engineers can match your requirements to a brush solution.


  • Prevents air and dirt contamination.
  • Sound dampening strips.
  • Prevents light, vapors, and over spray from entering or exiting a chamber.
  • Seal around a lever or control arm.
  • Conveyor belt seals/guides to keep material on the conveyor belt.
  • Strips to reduce or eliminate static build-up.
  • Act as a stationary spreader or blade to move material.
  • Splash guards or curtains on equipment.
  • Cable guides or cable ways on furniture or electrical cabinets
  • Litho plate graining/cleaning.
  • Protects overhead conveyor tracts from contaminants.