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Standard sizes:
Part Number Dimensions
SWC31224-N 82mm X 630mm X 37mm
SWC31231-N 82mm X 810mm X 37mm

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Pumice Brushes
By working very closely with printed circuit board fabricators and our international network of distributors, JEK has been able to develop pumice brushes for the I.S. pumice machines designed to give maximum performance and life. By combining density and filament configuration, our brushes more efficiently distribute the pumice onto the board surface thereby allowing the pumice to do the work rather than the brush.

Our growing list of international and domestic fabricators has proven that JEK pumice brushes provide the optimum surface finishing results coupled with competitive cost.

Due to the large volume of inventory on hand we can ship most orders within one to two days. Larger orders or any customization of standard products may result in slightly longer lead times. Whether your order is for one box, one pallet, or one container JEK provides:

  • Quality product
  • Guaranteed fit
  • Uniform density
  • Volume pricing