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JEK is the leading manufacturer of brushes and abrasives for the printed circuit board industry. With over 30 years of experience in the surface finishing and conditioning industry, JEK supplies the right product to solve your processing problems. We assess manufacturing problems and produce a product designed to increase yields and reduce scrap. This has established JEK as the primary source of brushes and abrasives to the printed circuit board industry as well as other finishing industries.
JEK manufactures brushes in all sizes, shapes, and materials for an unlimited number of applications. JEK brushes are not limited to the printed circuit board industry. Condenser tube cleaning brushes, brushes for creating decorative brush finishes, water barriers, conveyor cleaners, wood sanding, wood buffing and metal sheet cleaning are just a few of the other applications where JEK brushes are being used.










JEK produces a: DEBURRING BRUSH; machined parts, aluminum extrusions, turbine blades, gears, piston rings, tennis racquets, and printed circuit boards: CLEANING BRUSH; coil steel, steel rods, steel tubes, printed circuit boards, pickling, steel and aluminum sheets: DECORATIVE FINISH BRUSH; cookware, cutlery, pens, and building hardware: POLISHING BRUSH; tubing, hydraulic rods, and welds: WOODWORKING BRUSH AND BUFF; sealer coat sanding, defuzzing panels, edge banding, and top coat rubbing. JEK also will produce a custom brush for your application and production process.